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Home Renovations Made Easy

  • Home renovations & new builds
  • Kitchens – Bathrooms – Basements
  • Specializing in converting multi room homes to open floor concepts
  • Years of experience
  • Insured
  • References/testimonials available on request

Neo-Traffic is a Canadian company that specializes in mall advertising. Operating in all major markets and more than 100 properties, our network consists of digital displays, banners, posters and specialty products. Neo-Traffic is wholly owned by Media Group which also includes the Speed Agency, an expert in promotional and experiential marketing (

Hepworth & Associates Elder Life Planning

Personalized, proactive planning for successful ageing.

Hepworth & Associates is an elder life planning consultancy providing services to those wishing to engage their own vision of successful ageing with a comprehensive plan.  Those considering the elements of successful ageing are confronted with a litany of subjects to navigate that include elders, life, seniors, planning, retirement, lifestyle, health, housing, wills, power of attorney, advance care directives, help, navigating, care, advocacy, personal needs, assistance, support, dementia, care, independent living, caregivers, home care, aging, ageing, mobility, modifications, personal, savings, RRSP’s, geriatrics, prescriptions, doctor, physicians and many more terms and consideration.  Through Hepworth’s proprietary approach and methodology, our clients and their families are provided with the peace of mind and comfort from their personalized, proactive plan for successful ageing

Helium Video

Marketing Video Production

Get your message in front of more prospects and turn viewers into customers. We work with businesses to get dramatic increases in sales by promoting their products and services in a corporate video. Our digital marketing strategy gets your message in front of prospects who are ready to buy.

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